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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wedding bird progress

Magnolia, lilac and viburnum are blooming all around my deck and the fragrance is Heavenly!

It is an absolutely stunning day here in Middle Tennessee. Warm, sunny, and breezy with lovely white puffy clouds in the sky.  I decided to bring my studio outside where I can hear the birds singing, and maybe even catch a little sun on my shoulders. It will be the best of both worlds!  I looked at this as 'going to work'.  I changed my clothes, washed my hair and even brushed my teeth!  I was kind of laughing at myself the whole time I was getting ready. I do, truly enjoy these moments of my own silliness.  

The Groom, so far.
I sat outside enjoying it all.  

The "groom" will have a tiny little black knitted vest with pearl buttons.  The beginning of the vest is to his right on those tiny, little size 1 needles.  They look similar to long toothpicks...and they're about as easy with which to work!  He also has a little top hat that didn't make the photo! 

I slowly began to realize how very warm it had become but was determined to ignore it. However, my cheeks began to pulsate and my clothes adhered themselves to my skin in the noontime sun. I shifted uncomfortably and then gave up and came back in the house.  The thermometer read 91.4 F.  Yikes! I think I'll wait for a cooler day before I bring my studio outside again!

Weather aside, I'll be working on my little birds and posting their progress from time to time.  

Happy Wednesday!

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