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Monday, April 2, 2012


Like so many fiber artists, I seem to accumulate more fiber and equipment than I can adequately store.  For several months, I've had a small mountain of various yarns, rovings, workshop equipment, and class supplies on the floor in front these shelves.  They're where I store other various yarns, rovings, workshop equipment.. etc.  I think you get the picture.  Just in case you don't, I have an actual picture!

It makes me shudder to look at that mess!  It was pretty awful.  However, it accumulated little by little-almost, so it almost wasn't noticed-by me.

In February,  I purchased a modular, storage cubby from a friend's store.  She was closing her shop and selling her inventory.  I daresay this purchase has led to the most cathartic event of my year so far.  It took me several days of sorting, and sadly yes-tossing, to make this catharsis happen.  This is the end result-

Ahh.  There is peace in the valley!  I was amazed by how this, well spent $25 brought organization and calm to my fiber art supplies and home.  I can locate supplies that had been lost in 'Fiber Mountain', and my books are organized.  I've found patterns for knitting and weaving projects that had been stowed away for later use.  Hmm, not so cathartic there.  That's just my procrastination factor rearing it's ugly head!  All in all, this is such a welcome change.  Now, when I walk by this area, I feel as if I'm passing a softly flowing stream...  Well, sort of.

The point is, I took power over something that overpowered me.

The payback was huge.  Try this yourself.  It needn't  pertain to organization and cleaning. Because at the end of the day, it's all about empowering yourself.  It give us the mental calories we need to move on to the next obstacle and conquer whatever it may be!

Happy Monday!

Ruby likes to be organized too!