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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Some Old Quilt

I'm working on my daughter's quilt this afternoon. It's an old quilt we found at a yard sale several years ago. We bought it for $20 just because we liked it. It's Pink, white and a very light green. She's away this weekend, so I decided to work on repairing it. I've not always worked with fabrics and quilts. But since I've been at The Fabric Shop, I've gained a much better understanding of it all. 

Each of these blocks were hand pieced. The sashing, binding and quilting were all done.by.hand. When I bought it, the woman told me it was just an old quilt...  

Ive always liked it. It's
soft and well worn. But after working on it for the last hour, I have a newfound admiration for this "old quilt" and the hands that made it. It's a piece of art and history of its maker. How many hours did it take the quilter to finish it. What did she do while she sewed? Was there music, tv, children at her feet?  Was dinner simmering away?  I hear very little about quilters hand-piecing their work. It's just not really done anymore. There's no time for it. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against sewing machines. Machine quilts are beautiful too! It's just some stuff to think about. ✂️