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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Faaaat yarn.

The other day, I began to spin some 'fat yarn' as I will call it for now.  It will be made into a hat for my little, great niece. :) I always tell my spinning students to embrace the fat singles they spin in the beginning.  I continue by saying "When you're an experienced spinner, you won't be able to easily spin yarn like this." We can call this yarn 'novelty' yarn.  They usually look at me as if I'm just trying to coddle them to make them feel better about their fat to skinny to fat, lumpy, bumpy yarn.  In all honesty, I am trying to make them feel better, but for a very good reason. 

It's been a very long time since I've wanted such a fat yarn for any project.  I really didn't think too hard about the difficulty involved in transitioning from fine to fat again-until I sat down to spin on Monday.  It is so contradictory to allow so much roving  from my hand into the the spinning triangle and then into the yarn.. I've spun nearly 1.5 ounces of this lovely white, Peruvian  wool roving. This yarn might have to become a project for something else.  There are so many places where I've gone from the thickness I want, to something much more fine.  There has been a lot of eye rolling and sighing happening as I spin.  The words to my students come back to me, echoing in the sound of my s-l-o-w-l-y- spinning wheel.  "It will be difficult to spin thick yarn as an experienced spinner."  Yeah, right..... @@

This is the lovely little hat that will sit upon my lovely little great niece's head this Winter.
I will just persist until I get it right! 

Happy Wednesday.


  1. That is stinkin' thick! I'm with you, very hard after spinning so fine. I was at Haus of Yarn a few weeks ago and they have some amazing thick yarns. Just sayin'! LOL

  2. You know...it would be so easy to just purchase this year... But I have all that beautiful Peruvian wool roving. It's soft enough for this hat and it easy to spin-when you want thin stuff..lol It's a challenge, but I'll do it!

  3. After looking at the photo and thinking about it a little more... this could almost be knitted with roving! The ideas are flowing...

  4. wow neat hat. I am trying to spin a thicker yarn too but I have to remember to go slow and stop treadling when my hands stop drafting.

  5. Traci...I think I'm going to spin this yarn the way you suggested! Earlier today when we were together, I tried knitting with the roving itself. It looked right, but was just a little difficult to work with. So when I came home, I took the roving I split off from the rest and spun it with just a little twist. It's fatter than what I brought to the guild meeting, not quite as fat as the knitted roving, but easier to work with. :::shrug::: Now, I'll see what it looks like when I knit the new yarn. I might even be better off with the size 9 needles-I don't think I have 10's!

  6. I'm still spinning that novelty yarn!

  7. Embrace the novelty yarn Carol! :)


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