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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Left Handed Knitting

Oh so true!

I've been teaching a "Beginner Knitting" class on Tuesday nights.  Tonight will be the last official class.  One of my students is left handed.  When I developed this class, I never considered I might encounter a left handed student. 

Despite me, she is doing well!  When I am instructing, I feel so disconnected reversing the directions...  Sometimes, I knit directly facing her so she can see what needs to be done.  I hadn't considered asking her to knit in front of a mirror-or maybe it's me who needs to use the mirror!
When I watch her knit, it just doesn't compute in my own head!  But when I see what she has knitted, it's perfect.

Mirror Knitting

I'm wondering if you have any sage advice for my student or myself...  Have you ever instructed a left handed person? Are there any tips or tricks?  I'd like to make certain my student gets all she can from the class and not walk away feeling cheated.  

Happy Knitting!


  1. Well, I am a left handed knitter! I just knit like a right handed person! Not helpful I know!

  2. There are a ton of people out there just like you.In almost everything I read on the subject, people only suggested to teaching a lefty to knit like a righty. My student does not want to do this. She's doing pretty darn good. But I don't know what this will mean to her when she begins to use patterns, etc..


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