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Monday, January 31, 2011


Did you ever have so many projects in your head, you didn't know where to start..?  That's me right now.  I have 'projects in progress'  or "on needles', I have projects that have supplies purchased and are waiting in line right behind the p.p.'s   Then of course there are the projects that live only in my head... Who knows if they will ever come to fruition!

I also have Fiber Workshops and Classes to teach!  I'm really excited about these two things. It gives me joy to share my craft with like minded people.  Some students get it right away and spin yarns that I would have been proud to spin after a year or so!  Some decide after the first class they don't share the same enthusiasm or perhaps dexterity and they drift away.  I feel bad about these students.  I feel like I've failed them somehow and wonder what I could have done to give them that "Ah ha!" moment so many beginning spinners cherish!

I ran in to a friend yesterday who took my "Beginning Spinning" class last year and totally 'got it'!  She did very well.  I haven't spoken to her in a couple months as we have both been busy with the holidays, children etc..  She told me that she had purchased a spinning wheel! Students who take my class begin with a simple, rudimentary drop spindle.  It is an inexpensive means to and end.  If the student grasps the concept of spinning and enjoys it, then they can make the decision to spend more money on a wheel and produce greater quantities of yarn.  -There are many, quite proficient drop spindlers out there and they would argue this point.  Notwithstanding, I prefer my wheel for it's ability to produce!

I was excited for my friend as she talked about her new wheel.  As we talked, I realized- last fall this woman, whose excitement and enthusiasm I was sharing, would have been referred to as an acquaintance.  Now, she is my friend.  My journey to find exactly where I fit in the in the grand scheme of the fiber world, becomes clearer with each student and each bit of fiber secrets we share.  It's much more than just making yarn.  :)

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