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Friday, November 11, 2011

Early Autumn

As is my habit, every morning, I feed our animals.  Chip is usually the last one to be fed.  He is one of the bright spots in my day.  Chip isn't very demonstrative of his love for me-what horse is?  But I know he loves me when I bring him his purple bucket full of tasty food.  This morning's fare was 1 part cracked corn, 1 part steamed crimped oats and 2 parts pelleted senior feed. Chip is the senior member of our animal world at approximately 23 years.  Every morning, as I am walking down to his pen with the purple bucket full of grainy goodness, I am thankful he is there, healthy and waiting for breakfast.  Then  I ask Chip "Where's my pretty boy?"  Sometimes, just sometimes, he slowly moves his front hooves out in front of him for a sweet good morning stretch.  I was not so lucky this morning.  He just stood in front of his pan, softly nickering at me as if to say "Can we please just get on with it and give me my breakfast..."  I think some mornings. he would roll his eyes if he could.  @@  Bless him!

Hungry Chip on a frosty morn.

It's of little matter to me when he doesn't perform.  Chip gives me so much to reflect upon as I go about his care. We are so fortunate to have this beautiful animal to love and care for.  The time I spend with him is invaluable.  Everything seems a little brighter.  The cold brisk mornings are a little sweeter.  When I get his "Pretty Boy" stretch..  He might as well have given me chocolate. 

Beautiful Morning Mums

It's days like these that inspire me to work with fiber and create.  I hope there's something in your life that inspires you to create and accomplish.  For without this, we trudge from one day to the next.  So, look up, around, and down.  Find the beauty in the simplest of things in your day and you too will be blessed. 


  1. I love this post :) it made me smile

  2. thank you! you make me smile too carleyhart.. :)

  3. Isn't it amazing how animals make us feel? I love how you love and appreciate Chip; I feel the same way about my dogs. They just add so much to your quality of life. There's a saying I like: "I wish I were the kind of person that my dog thinks I am." How true! Great post, Denise. It made me smile, too!


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