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Monday, October 24, 2011

Finally. Tea Towel Progress!

I could look back in the blog to see when I started working on these towels...  But I won't.  It will suffice to say it's been quite a while.  But I finally motivated myself to sit down at the loom and start working.  I've been tied on for some time now.  The loom has been daring me come over and get down to business!  

But on days like these, distractions are many!

After three or four throws of the shuttle, I see a problem.  Really???  I had one thread that was extremely tight.  After investigating, I found I had, after threading it through the heddle, hooked it around several other pieces of yarn.  Ohhh!  I'm not sure how this little detail escaped me when I was double checking everything before I finished tying on, but it did!

So, now that's it's been corrected, I'll show you the little bit I have woven.   One of the best parts of weaving is when you finally begin to see your web emerge!  This is the payoff for all the other preparation you've gone through -whether you find it boring/tedious/even maddening or not!  ;)

Tea Towel in a twill pattern. 

I'm about to start a hem stitch in the above photo.  I've been weaving for close to 20 years.  It doesn't matter how many times I've done a hem stitch, I still really have to think about how it's done before I start.  I've even had to take it out a few times after I started.  Funny, it's just one of those things that sort of messes with my brain.  Some years ago, I would call a good friend to ask her how it was done.  Very patiently, she explained.  Each time.  Bless her, she has the patience of a saint. 

So the process has begun.  Happy Day!


  1. Looks lovely, Denise. And I love the picture of the autumn leaves!

  2. Oh I love the towels. Thanks for sharing the picture of the autumn leaves we don't get to see that down here. What is the fiber for the towels? linen or cotton. I am about to start doing some towel too, I love hemstitching.hugs and miss you

  3. Miss you too L. :) It's an all cotton warp. I like hemstitching too-once I get into it..lol So many things to weave! So much hemstitching to do!

    It's funny, looking at the table runner in my blog-the photo is right next to what I'm typing- I finished the hemstitching on the second one in the car on the way to Chicago. It wasn't easy, but I did it! I was weaving the last of it just as we were ready to leave. I don't work best under pressure, do I...??!!!


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