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Thursday, February 17, 2011


What is this stuff.  The hubby, was not feeling well this morning, so he took the day off.  I got the little people ready for school and dropped them off.  I came back to the house and had my coffee/Frasier/knitting ritual. I don't like to miss that and it appears that I may be doing exactly that soon!  -More about that later though.  I proceeded to get up and start cleaning my kitchen. This job was long overdue.  I worked on laundry, installed a new ink cartridge in the printer, folded laundry... bla bla bla.  It's odd for me to have this much energy lately.  It's all part of the no/low motivation to do things creative or otherwise.  As I was in my cleaning frenzy, I remembered my outing to the YMCA yesterday. I took a friend's 'yoga stretch' class and afterward, walked about 3/4 mil on a treadmill. I wonder if the small amount of exercise I had is contributing to my slightly higher than normal, energy level... This is something with which I can ponder and experiment.

As the miles and miles I have to go pass by me ever so slowly, it's occurring to me that I will need to go find some type of employment.  Then I will have an even better excuse to not be creative.  Unless someone can come up with a way for me to earn a regular paycheck and be creative as well....  ;)

At least my house will be cleaner than normal today-and on any day, that is a good thing.


  1. Good for you! I've had lots of energy since I cut back on sugar!

  2. a family i know is doing this too... they're really feeling a benefit to it. they like fruit a whole lot better now! lol


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