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Monday, July 16, 2012


The sun rises in the East and sets in the West.  I don’t necessarily get to see the sun rise, but am frequently enamored by the setting of the sun.  It’s the kiss goodnight from the day.  The sunset brings the moonrise that chases the path the setting sun has made.  Stars begin to emerge.  The air cools in the sun’s absence and night creatures sing their glorious songs.   My favorite time of the day has arrived.  Work usually ceases and lounging on the ‘veranda’ with my sweetheart and a beverage are a bonus.  

We have passed many evenings sitting on our porch listening, sipping wine and watching the first flight of the bats that call our place home-or do we call their place home...?  

I first moved to this part of the country, twenty three years ago.  The sounds of the insects, frogs and nighttime songbirds were somewhat disconcerting.  It reminded me of a jungle!  The only thing missing was the distant call of an ape!  The sheer volume of these creatures was enough to concern this former city girl.  So many years later now, I laugh to myself when I realize I can say I find these noises endearing and comforting.  They are the sounds of the sultry, summer nights in the south.  

Consistency in life is good. 


  1. Your descriptions are so soothing. I feel the same way about living out in the country, which I'm fortunate to have done for most of my life. I'll take the sounds of the insects, frogs, birds and whatever else is out there in my woods over the sounds of traffic, horns, loud music, and sirens anytime. And it's good to see a new post. Keep them coming!

  2. Thank you Carol. :) With a little encouragement from you and Carley, I'm back in the saddle-so to speak. ;)

  3. I especially love evenings during these warm months. A cool relief from the hot sun!


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