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Friday, April 8, 2011

Tea Towels

Well, after a weaving respite, I've finally begun the process of weaving 6 tea towels.  I've wound the warp, chained it off and transported it to my loom.  I'm always surprised when I begin this process.  While winding, any warp, there will be some variation in length on any given end.  Mine however always seem to be quite long on the end that was wound first. I suspect the problem is the pegs begin to push inward from the pressure of the warp thereby making subsequent windings shorter!.  So, I've tried to correct this by not winding the warp so tightly.  It never works.

At any rate,  I'm on my way to enjoying all the processes/steps of weaving.  Each one is quite distinct.  You can't go on to step B without fully completing step A.  This erases any confusion as to what comes next! It's just a small part of why I love weaving.  If you follow my drift, you're a weaver.  If you don't follow, I apologize.

With my next blog entry, I'll include some photos and maybe it will be clearer as to what I'm doing! :)

Happy weaving! (to me)


  1. Is all of this therapeutic for you? It sounds so labor intensive but I wonder if it is what pottery was for me, with the exception that you are good at your craft.

  2. It is very labor intensive. You don't have to be good at it to love it though. I'm sure you sell yourself short when it comes to being a potter. Maybe it's time for a little clay therapy. ;)

  3. I understand the process and have enjoyed it!


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